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Welcome to the Specialty Store.

You may find the answers to your questions here, but you can always contact us via email if you have questions about how our Store works.

Contact us at the address below or email us:

PO Box 194
Hermann MO 65041

Specialty Store Policies

Payment Methods

We prefer Visa or MasterCard; other cards are not accepted at this time. If you choose to pay by Check, we will place your order on hold until we receive your check. When your check clears, generally in 8-10 working days, we will process your order. There will be a $25 fee for checks returned for insufficient funds. Please mail your check (made out to PWDCA National Specialty 2017) for merchandise and/or registration to the address below:

Checks for People Events/Canine Events/Merchandise/Other

Please mail to:
M E Jackson
PO Box 194
Hermann MO 65041

Out Of Stock Items

Some items are in limited quantities. This is particularly true of Trophies. If you are unable to order a trophy, it is probably because it has been sold to another person. We will update the Store with SOLD tags as soon as possible, but this is a manual process and takes place later.

When an item is "out of stock" or when inventory is very low, we will try to immediately offer you an alternative item. If our site is not completely up-to-date, we will take your order and try to fulfill it to the best of our abilities. We may contact you via your email address or your phone number to discuss your order if an item turns out to be unavailable. We will not make substitutions or charge your credit card for the selection until we have contacted you.

Whenever possible, if we run out of an item, we will try to re-order it.

Copies of your Orders

If you would like an immediate copy of your order, please check the box on the checkout form. We will send you a confirmation email when we receive your order and you may always check the link that Yahoo/Luminate provides with an on-line status of your order. Additionally, you may hear from us regarding shipping or other adjustments.

Returns and Refunds

We do not accept Returns of most items purchased from the Specialty Store due to their nature. If you wish to request a refund of all or part of your Store Order (including Registration, merchandise, selected entry fees, etc.), please contact us at Due to costs of processing, we will not issue Refunds for $6 or less. Please contact us at with any questions.

Comments, Suggestions, Complaints, Questions

We hope that you have had a pleasant shopping experience and welcome your suggestions. Should the experience NOT be what you expected, we need to hear that too! Please email us at and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.


We do not charge taxes on any items for any jurisdictions.

Shipping Charges (when applicable)

Our preference is to hold your items for you at the Specialty so you may enjoy them there -- but this only applies before our deadline! If you order after that date, we can only mail any available merchandise to you -- AFTER the Specialty -- and your order will incur a shipping fee as described below.

If you request shipping or if you order items after our final deadline, please be advised that all shipping will take place after the Specialty (when we get home!). Items to be shipped will NOT be available at the Specialty. Shipping and handling charges will be according to the following Shipping Rate Schedule based on the prices of items being shipped to you:

Ship to USA

$00.00-$30.00 - s/h = $7.50
$30.01-$75.00 - s/h = $14.00
$75.01-$125.00 - s/h = $18.50
$125.01 and up - s/h = $20.00


$00.00-$30.00 - s/h = $23.00
$30.01-$75.00 - s/h = $37.00
$75.01-$150.00 - s/h = $42.00
$150.01 and up - s/h = $50.00

Ship Internationally (other than Canada)

$00.00-$30.00 - s/h = $26.00
$30.01-$75.00 - s/h = $50.00
$75.01-$150.00 - s/h = $62.00
$150.01 and up - s/h = $82.00

S/H will be added to your order when you make your purchase. We will choose the best carriers for your items.