Countdown to Gettysburg, PA

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One Score and Three, We Made History

The 23rd PWDCA National Specialty is coming to Gettysburg PA in September 2014.

We are OPEN!!!

Get ready, get set, go shopping. The Store is open for EVERYTHING. Merchandise, Canine and People Events, everything is available. Just use the buttons on the left hand side. Be sure to check deadlines since there are a few that are critical.

If you are not able to come to Gettysburg, we can send your merchandise AFTER THE SPECIALTY. Choose that option on the checkout form and we will automatically apply a shipping fee as shown in the "Info and S/H" section of the store by clicking that button.

Our Store does use a standard Shopping Cart feature, but it requires that your internet browser is set to "Enable Cookies" to accumulate items. If you find (as one of our members recently did) that you are not able to accumulate items but are sent to Checkout for each individual item, be sure to adjust your browser settings.

Catalog Ads are still open, you can buy your boutique space and more.

After the store closes, we will combine all your purchases from all areas of the site and from multiple days of exhausting shopping!! So, we will have a record in one place of everything you have purchased.

Check our website for the latest information.